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Looking at a 510

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First off, sorry no OIC's. I know you guys love the datto pr0ns as much as I do but been too snowy.



I'm looking at a 4 door 510.. The rust free one fell out of my hands and was sold out west buuuut I found this one in a field.. Automatic but the transmission is *fucked* filled with RTV, engine is good and runs.



I have zip experience with the automatic 510's, you guys think I should just replace the tranny or drain it and flush?


Most likely will be the best 400 bucks ever spent, besides the 400 for my roadster.

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I Was tempted but I needed the cash for something else at the time.Gonna look good



Its no problem man, if they come up again I'll let you know. I found these of them on a datsun.




Better post


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Well little more info, I dont think the rtv in the trans is the issue. It doesn't go when in drive... So I might be in the market for an auto trans.


I'll worry about diagnosing it when I buy it.. I'll go ahead and try draining the trans and putting a new filter in first. Then if that fails then replace the bitch.

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