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So I sent a text to my bodyman today inquiring about the possibility of moving a hardbody extended cab back on the frame and lengthening the front clip to accomodate say, a turbo L28. He said it's certainly possible and not all that hard to do and make look nice. Decided to make a photoshop to see how I like the idea. I'm not sure if it would look too funny or not, so here's the pic, throw out some honest opinions!




Okay, here's the original image:



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Well, the reason for extending the front vs. the firewall cut is one for space, two for better weight distribution, and three because I'd still want it to retain a heater box and all other creature comforts. Plus I don't think it's ever been done, so there's that.


I'd move the cab exactly that far back. Right at the rear wheel arch. Probably about a foot or so.

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Sometimes I really worry about you Matt, lol.



Well, like Joe says, I have about 1 good idea out of 10, but all of them are going to come out before we arrive at the eureka moment! ;) I also made a cabover flatbed hardbody, but it would be too hard to make look good. Plus putting the motor under the cab without a raised cutout just isn't the easiest on the current hardbody cabin. You'd have to massively change it, and at that point it stops looking like a hardbody. Be easier to get a UD truck and retrofit the hardbody grill and headlights on.

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Haha, there went that quarter panel on the 720 right at the end! He must make a lot more than I do. And I do like the RB26 in there, but the truck does lose all functionality at that point. I like the truck, but I don't see a heater core. Radiator is in the bed, bed is no longer usefull. I want to do an inline 6 but still have full functionality out of the truck.

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That actually looks pretty damn good HRH. The streatched front almost looks like a Toyota front (from the side). I agree, if I hadn't already known what a Hardbody looked like I would believe it came stock like that. Good luck if you decide to do it.... :)

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