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Trip to Japan

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I will be going to Japan form may 30th to June 6.

I am wondering if anyone has any contacts there than can maybe direct me to a car show or gathering or something Datsun related.

Please let me know. I am going for work but will stay for a few days afterwards.

I will be mainly in Yamanashi, but will spend some time in Tokyo as well.


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Get a hold of Shige at Mooneyes. Also, Shingo will be at FF in Lake Perris on March 13th. Possibly He can be of assistance. You MUST visit Mooneyes in Area 1. Very cool place. Good luck, Mike

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Hey Thanks,

What is Mooneyes?


:o :rolleyes:


www. mooneyes.co.jp


they do customs anD MORE... and are the japanese headquarters for rod culture... very cool!


my trip at christmas got scuttled so i'm reschedding for the last 10 days in March, incl a trip to the Zama facility.

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Hey Thanks,

What is Mooneyes?



Mooneyes is company that started in the 50's supplying performance parts for hotrodders in the US. Hotrods being a big part of american culture it made its way across the big pond. They are a big hit world wide they have a store in Japan.

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<br />dont wanna start another thread, but does anyone know of anything Datsun related out in Taiwan??....<br />
<br /><br /><br /> Yue Loong motors built Nissans under license in Taiwan... Good enough? Emblems are rarer than hens teeth.
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I may be in japan around that time and could meet up with you. I usually like going to see refresh60 in yokohama. bit of a trek by train but worth it. so much 510 stuff. your head will spin. as for events not sure off the top of my head but will look into this. Jun is right if you like wheels you can get them there but I never have been out as everytime I go I take the train and it is not easy for me but if you have a driver or someone that can take you it will help. Golchi1 lives in japan but depends if he is around to meet up. good guy and has a bad ass bluebird. got the privilege to meet up with him on one of my trips. if you need any other info like food and stuff let me know and I will try to help if possible


Jun if you read this we gotta meet up one day and also go to Japan to scour for more wheels

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Will look into it! In Japan right now waiting for my connecting flight to Taipei...


If you find any leads or a source do you mind sharing? Oh, and if you haven't been before, make sure you hit up the nightmarkets.

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