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few odds and ends F/S

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adding stuff F/S



Fiber glass S30 fenders (have both sides - doesnt come with flares) - $300obo





very mint 240z seat - $120obo





S30 hatch glasses, one with seal, $20 ea





some 14in 620 wheels - $40




620 console - $20



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regular and smoked 620 lenses - $40 ea




710 sedan tail lights - $100obo

(have both but didnt feel like getting the other one out of the truck lol looks the same, no cracks)







located in Wilsonville OR





Hi still tail light lens I wanted pair red color ship to thailand please let me total cost >triemsilp@hotmail.com

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Ill have to find some boxes for the wheels... not sure what shipping will be on them


I didn't even think about that, haha. If it'd be too much of a hassle then don't worry about it. I just love white rims.

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