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I Have Finally Given In

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I have been saving to buy a car for a while now and for the past couple months I have been convinced that a 2 door 510 was the car for me. I had been looking for a while with the help of my dad, and every time we searched Craigslist he would show me some other cars in an attempt to get me to buy something safer and more reliable. Every time I would say, "That's nice, but I'l keep looking for a Datsun." Then, last week, he showed me a '91 BMW 325i. It was nice, cheap, had a leather interior, and was a BMW. Enentually he convinced me to go and see the car, and two days ago I bought it. It is a blast (take note that my comparison is a Volvo 240 DL wagon), but as I drive it around I can't help but to think "Should I have held out and waited for that Datsun?" At this point I am happy with my purchace, but I just know that someday I will get my 510.

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Congrats on the new car. The 325 is a good little car. The 6 cylinder makes decent power and the car will handle nicely and has good brakes to provide stopping power. It is heavy so the handling will not be as nimble as a 510 but you will have more modern conveniences then a 510 and probably more comfort. Repairs will likely cost much more but you will not have to worry about where you park it or if it will get stolen.


If you like the bimmer, you will love a 510. Just keep the 510 dream alive and start saving for a 510 so you can buy one before they get too expensive. One additional benefit of owning a 510 is that it is an appreciating asset. It will continue to go up in value. The BMW will likely continue to depreciate as they made so many of them, they are not likely to be collectible. Now if you had bought an E30 M3 that would be different.


Post some pics of the new ride.

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I like the e30 BMWs, one of the reasons I bought a 510 was because I didnt get an e30. Top Gear calls the e30 a "future classic". I am gonna try to make the e30 BMW my Jetta replacement. So a 510 & an e30! Have fun with your e30!


But yes this story is fail. There is no actual datsun involved, and in fact is a total let down.

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