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Who else works split days off?

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I had this job where you worked a late, middle and then early shift on consecutive days and then had a day off. Pretty cool to have almost two full days off every fourth day. We ran that schedule from May to October every year. I would get lots of fishing and camping in during those months.

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Been working split days off for something like 9 years on and off. Most of 5 of those years the days off were spent at school. If I don't have school I take the days off together. And it's four 10 hour days. So three days off :)


Used to work three 12s. That was cool for about 6 months, then it got tiring (3 of 4 days off spent at school). Im ready to retire or win the lotto.

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Rolling up on 7yrs on 12hr night shift. Sun Mon Tues and everyother Sat 7P-7A. It has its moments. I hate having to work Saturdays.....especially during good weather. One great thing, if I take 3 days off of work, I get 10 consecutive days off.


-B (gowning flame retardant suit)

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