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Ratsun! I need your support for a contest!!

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My buddy and I have entered a local radio contest called "Virgin 95.3 Fake Film Festival". We had to remake our favourite movie in its entirety in 60 seconds. We chose the most epic movie ever made, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Only 20 entries will move on so we are looking for your support. If you have the time please make an account and give our movie a good rating. We arn;t pros! this was filmed with a point and shoot camera and 0 acting skill or know how!


All the props and costumes were hand made by myself.




Voting closes tues at 5pm PST (if you view PLEASE register and leave us a 5 star rating. no rating looks to count as a bad rating)



also join our facebook group, juging is also based on how well we promote the movie.





Thanks guys!

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