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Sickest 320 in the North America......


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What's up everyone? Its been a while, I was just wondering if anyone is interested is seeing a few more progress pics of my truck, I've tried on more than one occaision to put pics up myself, but im an idiot when it comes to the computer, and I do most ratsun searching from my phone! If anyone is willing to post up there email address so I can email some pics and have them post them to this, that would be awsome, and if not....well that's ok too....if u don't wanna post up ur email address but rather text it to me that would be fine too! Joe. 724 624 4855. Thanks guys!

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Much appreciated Z chopper!!....im not big on takin pics, from drillin out broken off bolts to mounting my brake booster and master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder under the dash....alot has been goin on, wish I was a little further along but im happy with my results thus far! Can't wait to get it all one color and do some body work!

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Haha I like that title, sickest L320.....cause the sickest NL320 spot has already been taken! No doubt! Keep in mind a friend of mine posted that topic. And I know where ur comming from on cuttin up ur truck it took me a yr to convince myself to cut mine up... however I do have two 320's



Hey your right there is now the sickest nl and the sickest L I always wanted an NL after I got my L but I kind of like the way he has lowered the box to match the body lines of the cab. thats what the factory should have done makes the box look like it belongs and not an afterthought.Wonder how that would look on a regular as in not lowered....anybody photoshop one.


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