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Yesterday, someone (Flyin' Patrick?) sent me a Craigslist link to a 1 ton 'Yoda oickup (LOLing at my own typo).  So I'm trying to decide which gun to take to the gun show today to finance buying it.  Trouble is, I'm at that point in my collection where I don't want to sell any of them.  Oh, the problems we (who are broke as) have in the "First World"!

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Couple things...


A) I put a folding charging handle on the Tavor yesterday.  It is quite nice NOT having that protuberance poking out the side any more.


2) If the 1-Ton Toyota flatbed deal falls through, I'm probably going to buy my sister and me a pair of matching purple Bersa Thunders.

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I've already got a Thunder CC and haven't had any trouble, nor has my buddy Larry with his regular Thunder 380.  While I agree that a "real" PPK would be awesome (it'll shoot down helicopters, y'know), I have no issues with being a bargain-basement James Bond... a "Jimmy Bond" if you will.  What worries me is the fact that the purple Thunder 380 will be the "gateway gun" for my inevitable "Bersa Thunder 380 in every color" collection.

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Ok, I'm afraid I must now answer to the name "Flinchy McFlincherton," or perhaps "Little Lord Flinchleroy."  See, I took the CZ527 to the range today to sight in the cheap-assed scope I put on it.  Every shot I flinched like a whipped hound dog.  Every.  Single.  Shot.  I did manage to finally get the bullets to hit approximately where I was aiming, so there's THAT going for me.  It took 18 rounds to walk the scope in so I only managed a 2-shot string of "accurate" fire.  Needles to say, I did not save the target.

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hit some 3/4 plate with the 91/30. Old girl managed some hard hits with some cheap ammo.





little bit of wet sunday funday with the mosin, colt python, .45 Sig and a weee baby .380

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I just bought a Rossi Circuit Judge.


And promptly sold it.  I went to the gun show to get an optic and a guy practically chased me down.  


Him: "Sir!  Are you selling that?"

Me: "Well, I suppose I COULD sell it..."

Him: "How much?"

Me: Thinking "I've got $350.00 in it..." "Three fifty?"

Him: "Come back to my table, I'll pay that."

Me: "Uh... Ok."


At least I didn't LOSE money... as I am wont to do when buying and selling.

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