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BURLEIGH's KA 210 sedan build


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Hey Guy's


Figured I'd start my own thread on this little project...


I did the motor swap in this car several months ago for a local guy. He didn't have all the parts to finish it at the time and I was moving out of the shop I had been renting so I hauled it to his house so he could work on it as he got the parts in and had time, but offered my assistance whenever was needed at no charge... However, he was in need of a drivable car and was running out of patience with the 210 so I offered to trade for one of my nice DD's. It worked out well, as he now has a nice DD and I've got a chance to finish this sweet project instead of it just wasting away or who knows what...


I still don't have any of the "before" pics, but here are a few "in progress" pics:


















































I hope to have time to tie up the loose ends on this thing soon, but it's CCOOOOLDDD right now... I'll be happy to answer any questions you guys have though.


I'll keep this thread updated and will hopefully get the "before" pics posted up soon too.




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Hey Keith,


How have you been? Are you making good progress on the 240? I was just down your way over the holidays. Stopped in Denton to see my wife's Grandmother and then headed down to Austin to see my family. Came home through Plano though...


Yeah, I've built several 240z's over the past ten years or so both for my self and others. The one you see in the background is a customers car that I installed a 550+ HP SBC into... It's a gnose. ZG flared '72 that is going to be super nice when it's done. I am actually Z-less at the moment! I've been side tracked lately by dimes, Roadster, pickups, motorcycles and the sort... I still have TONS of Zcar parts and pieces though and will snag another one or two or three in the near future I'm sure. LOL!


Let me know if you need anything for your Z. I'm about to pick up another tub full of NOS Datsun goodies next week and I believe a few are Z parts... I'd really like to see pics of your progress sometime too. I know it's got to be really nice!

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Well, it's been CCCOOOOLLD!...


We had a nice day yesterday, but I had to spend all day cleaning the garage so I can get the 210 into it. I hope to start working on it again next weekend and have it on the road soon. I'll post up progress pics as soon as I do.


I have been spending most of my days contemplating it though and have figured a lot of things out in my head. hopefully they work out half as well as I imagine...



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A small update...


I had a few minutes the other day and was able to get the radiator mocked up somewhat. I am pretty sure the PO got this rad out of a 90's pathfinder, but I need to verify this. I was able to find hoses that matched up almost perfectly and only required a small amount of trimming to fit just right. The upper hose is meant for 2000 Honda CRV and the lower hose is for a '95 V8 Chevy Camaro...


I also got a little done on the air intake. I just went with the cheap flex hose for now as I just want to get it on the road and that was very easy... still have a ways to go, but at least a little progress is happening!


Here are some pics:

























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Quick question.


Where does the vacuum line for the brake booster attach to the intake manifold? I hooked mine up to a 3/8" fitting that was at the back of the manifold near the bottom, but that's just because it was there and looked like a good spot... Also, if you look at the second and fifth pic in the last update post there are three hoses coming from underneath the throttle body. I know that at least one went to the original air intake, but not sure on the others. Can they all just be blocked off? I removed the EGR and made a block off plate for it... is one of them the PCV or does this engine even have one??? I guess I really need to get an FSM huh? What all can be removed/blocked off whenever you get rid of the EGR???


Anyway, thanks for any info you can supply!


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Cardboard is the best template material! Car is looking pimpin!


Yep! I use it all the time... Thanks!


If there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground I'd be workin on the dime intead of building igloos and a snow-Jaba the hut...LOL!

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Well, its been a long while since the last update, but here's a little snipit...




A lot has been going on lately... including moving, job change and other shit, but this little project is finally about to get off the ground... I am hoping to take it for it's first test spin this weekend!



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I took this beast on it's first test run last night and all I can say it WOW!!! :frantics: :thumbup: :w00t:


It ran very strong and smooth. After warming it up and driving it around a couple of miles I just couldn't resist the urge to see what she had, and let me tell you, She Puts OUT! LOL! I was hesitant to rev it too high and dump the clutch because I am afraid to put too much abuse to the diff as it is a bit on the small side... sooooo... I just got a slow roll going and then floored it and found myself looking at the left ditch real quick! I just kept my foot on the floor, straightend it out a bit and shoved her into 2nd gear expecting to take off, but she just kept spinning so I slammed it into 3rd and continued to spin.... next into 4th and caught for a split second and began to spin some more until I decide she had had enough and backed off. Needless to say, I am somewhat impressed... I still have a few kinks to work out and some loose ends to tie up, but I am hoping to have everything done and start putting the interior in by this weekend. One little dissapointment is that the brand new alternator I just installed has already gone bad! Damn AutoZone!!


I keep you guys updated as I progress and try to get some good video up soon! ;)

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cool video and car. I like how you have the guy with the broken arm rev it while you back off, LOL!!!!


Thanks Man!


HaHa! Yeah, that does seem cuel now that I look back... However, the reason I backed away is because my phone will just cut out the sound if it gets too loud... :angry: I have a couple of hours of video of my son and me at the drag strip that there is absolutely no sound at all because it was too loud for the camera!


Anyway, I got a new alternator in and all is well! I will begin putting the intrerior back in and buttoning everything up when I get home from work today. Hopefully I'll be able to start driving it to work by next week...

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Well I'm trying to get a few loose ends tied up and have a quick question. I'll post this in technical too, but wanted it here...


How do I get my mechanical speedo to hook up to the S14 5speed w/electronic sender?



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