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Hate doing brakes


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me too super! i hate them with a passion, especially when i can't figure out what is going on. i have been working on my truck's brakes for 2 months now and i still haven't got them lined out. but from experience with my s-10 when you do work on them and get them fixed right...it makes it OH SO MUCH better to drive!!

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I hate doing brakes. Just wanted to share. :mad:


If you get into the habit of just checking those brakes every time you change your oil, you will find that the process goes very smoothly and takes very little time and effort......(oh and by the way...I don't "hate doing brakes...don't like em much...but hate....nah)...Having very little problems with my brakes on "ol Yeller" and they have a good 30K on them now.....(wait: I did break a spring last year.....my bad)

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come on pops, and i bet you pop your hood and check your oil at every fill up too don't you??!! just messin with ya ron. Maybe i get it from experience from motorcycles, but i am just always very alert with what my truck is doing...smells, vibrations, sounds, if something new comes up...it needs to be checked out. i also watch my gauges closely, though i do lack the "brake guages!" but that seems to work out pretty well for me. however, on ms.dotty...don't have a lot of seat time in her, so i dont know what im supposed to feel and what im not!! hahahaha

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It sure helps when you have the time/place/weather/parts/money and wheels for when the truck is off the road. It's almost fun. Hate that shit with rain runnin' down your back while the old lady is waitin' for a ride.


But when done and working right its golden. I couldn't afford the 4 piston Toyota calipers for my truck, so I re-built them with $22 kits. They work great and I did it myself... very zen.


BTW: These Toyota units fit the 240-280Z car too, bolt right on. How's that possible? Fuji Heavy industries. Ever wonder why Subaru lsd rear ends fit the 510? Same thing. FHI was owned in part by Nissan and several other car makers. It's all connected.

Here's a write up for putting on a Z car:


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hate them is a understatement. well i guess it depends on the ride for me. most are easy but my 72 521 front brakes havent worked right ever since i did my kingpins many years ago. i've givin up, and had 3 brake jobs from places and they still dont work. and taking it back when they dont know what the problem doesn't get anything fixed. with all new parts they just scratch their head like i do.


i have a hard pedal with no front brake action. yet the lines are not clogged! all new parts. i'm ready to start swapping the whole assembly's out just to see if i can get rid of the problem. my other 521 stops fine:confused:. this is the main reason i dont drive it. maybe i have a lining issue. argg!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:


disc's are out of the question for me.


feeling better yet super?:D

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Are the drums worn past their usable limit? There is probably a stop on each side of the wheel cylinder to prevent the pistons from popping out. The pistons might both be against these stops... firm pedal but no shoe movement.

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Guest DatsuNoob
BEE has a REALLY trick and easy to install set up super, but the problem is, i think he told me that they wont fit with the stock 14" wheels. if i can't get my drums working in a couple of weeks, im saving up to do the swap myself. i would MUCH rather work with calipers!!!


Wont fit stocks? because of the width of the disc? What about 1/4" spacers? Would that work? Curious, because I'd like to do the swap soon as well.

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Well finally after replacing wheel cylinders, pads, a couple springs and 2 new drums.. then bleeding, bleeding, bleeding.. I've finally got brake! My word.. never had so much trouble with a brake system before. Hopefully they'll be adequate for my needs for now. If I start hauling my fishing boat around I may need to upgrade.

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