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1967 520 parts on my 521


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so, i have had my 521 for about 2 years, traded a karmann ghia for it and been very pleased with the deal.


its not the prettiest, but after fixing a u-joint and the bolts holding the steering box on, i took it on a 1200 mile trip with no probs. here she is in action



recently ive started to fix her up a bit better- got all new tires and starting in on a few issues: need a rear bumper, drivers door glass, bench seat is trashed, dash is trashed, tailgate latch broken etc etc. good news is i've located a guy semil local that has a 520 that hes parting out. I read elsewhere on this site that the 520 dash is a good swap, being metal, but how about the rest? windows, tail gate etc the same?



cheers for any advice on that-



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The metal top dash is a nice swap & it WILL bolt right in.

Tailgate & doors will swap over. Bench seat should swap over [same holes on the floor as a 521].


thanks guys.


i am not sure if his bench seat is any better than mine. i just emailed a guy with free audi seats that i might throw in there and see how that works. it would give me time to get the bench re-upholstered if i dont like em. the real issue is im 6'2" and id like to get the seat cut down- im a big dude in a tiny cab!


its a cool little truck, my first car as a 16 year old was a 1972 chevy luv that was also powder blue. very similar! cept my luv was lowered with tinted windows and a rocking stereo. man was i cool.



edit: i just went and picked up the audi cs100 seats and they are pretty sweet. black leather and in good shape. might give them a try tomorrow- gunna have to cut and weld some probably.

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high. but after i get done with a few details, im planning on a paint job. should i keep it powder blue? original is great but ... well.. powder blue.....

Don't ask me, i'm color retarded, I just paint everything red, ask anybody that knows me. That blue was a popular stock color, I think it should be what color you want it to be, just not PINK! wayno

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I'm in Livermore, wouldn't want to grab up the front upper control arms for me would you? I need some templates...I'm also looking for a stock 520/521 seat.


the dude disappeared on me- so i never got anything from it all afterall.


i do have a stock front seat its pretty trashed, but could be recovered. free if you want it - pick up in emeryville.

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if so, best hurry. im looking to get the keys to a house in a few weeks-if all goes well, and when i move, the seat may not make it..


I can do that. Would you be able to shoot me a pic to see what I'm dealing with? Thanks!


Congrats to the house, hard to get here in NORCAL. Mine is deep six'd under right now...

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ill take a pic of the seat- its like you expect, drivers side is pushed in- neeeds new foam and cover.


but- in more pressing news for me- i was on the freeway with a different project moto in the back, and when i went to get off the freeway, i was stuck in 4th gear. long story short- its gonna be 1200-1500 to pull the trannie and have it rebuilt! fuck!



anyone got a real cheap trannie on them, or.. anyone want a parts truck? i am not sure i can afford to fix the girl up-- and i just got all new tires as well.

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I'd still love to grab the seat if you got it. I want to go back to original.


I'm sure you could find a decent trans locally for WAY WAY less. If your still in Oak and have no place to pull it, I can help you out. I have everything at my house needed. I even got my other trucks if we need to pickup the trans. I know the Newark PNP had a Dat way in the back with an L series, don't recall the trans though. Just post up here in the WTB, I'm sure you'll get the right price.

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well its certainly yours. i swear ill take a pic, ive just been super busy.- nature of my work is 10 hour weeks and then 80 hours weeks. today i got the keys to the house- so pretty stoked but the place needs lots of work. on that note, i shelled out the cash to fix the datsun. timing sucks and i really need it for the work on the house- so i figured just pay the piper and get it done or id waste more money on rental trucks.


no hurry in the end, i can take it over to the new place well enough- happy it might go to someone who will use it.

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Do NOT put any other seat into the truck, unless you're under 5' tall. The stock seat actually lets you sit pretty far back, most other seats will scoot you a good 4-5 inches further forward. This is especially a problem with buckets. Just get the stock seat recovered.

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