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thinking about selling the Z


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thinking about selling the SCCA project.



its all in pieces but its got a bunch of goodie parts, rare pistons and head, balanced bottom end,

motor should be at about 12:1 CR when its assembled, fuel cell, full polly bushings fiberglass fenders, ect.

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I remember riding in the z car when you had the turbo in it, that was fun man!


Sell it, better than sitting on the side of the house waiting for "some day"? i would wait till jan - feb tho, markets shit right now lol... you gonna toss it together real quick so its a runner? probably sell easier. either way, good luck man. sell it, or put that shit together and race it!

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Sounds like a lot of cool stuff, but a basket case also. Those kind of projects take years to get finished. Plus if you go to all that trouble, you might as well build it for competition. Don't know how active you are in autocross Skib. Like any racing, it can be cheap and fun, until you really start competing. Then you find the autox car starts getting $5000 worth of suspension so you can get 1/10 of a second better time! :blink:

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I love this car its been threw alot with me and its not a basket case just a project, its a race car but still able to be street legal.

its plan after completion was to run at all 9 OR regional SCCA Solo2 events as a serious contender and brought there on a trailer,

but leave it street legal so I could drive it to meets/shows or w/e when I felt like it.

everything drivetrain wise has been planned out to make it one nasty solo2 and hillclimb car.

this L28 with the cam Iv picked out will be one mean torque monster L

and under no circumstances will I be parting it out.


I have loads of shit for the car I cant even remember to list right now, from all the FG stuff to perfect sets of tail lights and front turn signals



Im just between a rock and a hard place with it, Its going to be a good while till I can finish it and I may be moving a good ways from here or even out of state in the nearish future. hell, I may even leave the country, but either way... I cant take it with me and by myself I dont have the funding to finish it before Im gone.

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id sell the zx before the z skib your z is iconic on ratsun kinda like the banzai beater you cant sell it build it even if you move it can go with you if its at least a roller


what i would do if i were you right now


start putting things back together so its drivable get it registered then take it with you where you go then start working on it there

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Dude life change in a major way Skibster! Too bad you didn't say you were moving to new england!


Sometimes hard choices like this have to be made for the bigger picture. I get that for sure. How old are you again? 21? Duuuuude you are so way ahead of the curve already in terms of car knowlege. Tons of time to build an empire underneath you and return to the race thing down the road. I hear racing can be a big distraction when one is trying to build a carer! I myself didn't even have an old car until I was 35. I wanted one but didn't want the distraction.


So I hear you man, and it isn't like you are getting out of Datsuns all together! Hard choices are sometimes the best choice for the big picture. If you had a barn to stash it in it would be one thing.

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It sucks to sell it. But like fisch said your just a kid. You have plenty of time to build cars. Hell I didn't get into SOLO 2 until I was in my 40's. I was busy building a family and business. I build a bad ass SOLO car. Now it just sits so I know your pain.

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I understand a move or promotion within your company or an opportunity taken. Well best of wishes dude, and it's not like you are gone you'll still be a couple of feet away on my 'puter. For you people in the Port it will be a great loss.

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I feel you, man. I just traded my 12.5:1 3.0 motor for a stock, nothing fancy 280z. I just couldn't enjoy the z anymore they way it became. Now, I just put all my suspension goodies on the 280, added a good cam and I am back to having a fun car that runs on pump gas and is easy to drive.

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Skib Man I understand where you are at with this ,,, I may end up selling my yellow Z car to move in the next 1 year or so ,,, maybe a bit longer ( might be getting married is the idea in the near future ) ,,, ( I really want to drag with me but that may not be an option :( ,,,, I'm going to enjoy mine while I can ,,,, some areas have houses you can buy for like $350 a month ( plus all the problems that come with it :lol: ) ,,, but I can work on roofs , plumbing ( to a degree ) , some electrical , and learn the rest along the way ) ,,,


Whatever happens with it or you ,,, good luck man ,,, do what feels right :cool:


Until then ,,, I have the frame of mind that wherever I go ,,, My Z car goes with ! :D

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