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Live Chat Possibility ? Help Chat ? Group Chat ?

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Seeing that there are Ratsun Members that need help A.S.A.P ( parts needed now , broken down , etc.... ) , , like to just shoot the s#$t , working out details of buying/selling something ,,, they go one of three methods to plead "Status Updates" or "A New Thread" ,,, or "PM's" ,,,, Proposing we could do a live chat application to Ratsun by chance ? It would be a quicker way to get things pounded out !




(1) Can go straight to a live "Help Needed" Chat Room ( for pressing matters )

(2) Live chat would provide quicker response to much needed answers on the spot ,,, rather than playing "post tag" or "PM Tag"

(3) A buyer and seller may want to work out details quicker than playing "Tag"

(4) There could also be just a group type chat for whatever!



Ok ,,, still thinking of ideas ,,, shoot back what you guys think ! ,,,

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