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521 hood fix Anyone?


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so my hood bars are all unglued and the side bumpers are worn out.

Now when I'm going down the highway my hood shakes pretty bad.

I figure most all of us 520/521 guys are dealing with this or figured out a good fix.

What do you guys think?

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I just found some niffty little adjustable bumpers from an early 90's Mercedes at the junk yard the other day. Maybe a 190E or something. I was going to use them for exactly the same problem you describe. They are basically small screws, maybe 1/8 inch in diameter, with a rubber button on the top. Just drill two small holes in the front corners of the core support, and put the supplied nuts on both sides, adjust, and your done.

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sorry Pac, but I'd stay away from the tack welds.....the metal will flex just enough to cause it to crack in time.


They also make a panel adhesive for glue in patch panels. I think the seam sealer would be the easiest to get ahold of and should work fine.

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I also added a bumper stop (1/4-20 or 6mm threaded stud) from some car (who knows where they came from), on both sides near the front. I just drilled a hole and tacked a nut (welder required but jb might work) on. This way I could adjust them so hood matched fenders. This did more to keep the hood from shaking then anything else.

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