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Snug top for datsun

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Well it's like this lol dude I have had like 5 datsuns . And evry one I can't never finde a fucking snug topper to fit or not rite one or it's bean cut for a walk thru thay stoped makeing them for datsuns I herd rumers that snug topper sold the molds to a nuther cumpiny? Don't know but I'm not puting 16 8 s in the bed till I get one . Mite not ever get one but I'm a big fan of datsuns . I got a 1973 mint condisson pick up off an old war vett for 400 dollers after walking up to his house and askin . Dident think it wus for sale cus it had a perpel seat let me know Dereck

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Sorry dude for not spelling good ? My truck is sick and like I sed payed check it sun 400 feekin dollers. Duss eny butty know wut it's worth? Probly face valu haha I like the bullet stile better u know wut I mean 78 king cab. Wus gunna cut frame & pute a lil hulseler long box on it that wood be sweet one of a kinde . Did u know that a BMW think 300 s will fit trippy . Make fun just tryin to comunickate how ever I can so bite it lol love my truck hope u like :)

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This was my '77 King Cab that I had in the '90s, the Snug Top is off of my friends '84 2WD Toyota short bed. It fit great on the King Cab, it was almost perfect on the height for the cab and didn't stick out that much on the sides. It fit on my '74 standard cab as well. Sadly these are the only two pictures I have of that truck...it was my first King Cab and had factory air, a factory tach, and a 5 speed.

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