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Opinions on 4x4 conversions needed


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Hey guys, I'm in the early planning stage for my 620 longbox 4x4 conversion & I cant seem to make up my mind on which route to go, so I thought I'd post up to hear some of your opinions and or experiences with 4wd 620s


The main question is should I:


A: go Toyota axles & leaf springs all around?




B: try to find a cheap 4wd 720 and do a frame swap?



Either way drive shafts/frame will need to be modified as I'm going to push the engine/tranny/xfer case back as far as i can without sacrificing legroom.


Basically the plan so far for this truck is a tube front half to hang the fenders/ hood/ grill assembly and to make room for the F54/n42 L28 swap (eventually turbo'd) running through an early zx 5 speed and T100 Xfer case. I'd like to run 31s, possibly 33s if its feasible.


The vision for this 620 is to be a bull-tough but streetable old school datto snow/desert rig while using as many nissan/datsun parts as possible.

Requirements are: dependable 4wd system (of course) good handling with 31's, well mannered on the highway, and to be able to tow a small trailer from time to time.



All opinions welcome, however the L28 is going in no matter what as I already have a spare motor, and have no interest in going VG.



So what do y'all think? Which route would you go?


Thanks in advance!



oics of truck in question:




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I would say go with the Toy axles and springs. Trail Gear makes a kit to swap '85 and earlier solid axles. I you plan on crawling or want to keep it reliable and somewhat inexpensive, Toyota. The width is almost right on. I just did a 4x4 conversion on my 510 wagon, I know I'll catch hell for it but it looks alright and it almost lines up perfect for what I intend to use it for. I'll post pics when I get some on pb. Good luck!

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Thanks apos!


I'm not gonna be doing much crawling with this one. Wheelbase and rear overhang are too long. It'll be mostly Nevada desert (washboard roads and sagebrush) and snow over the mountains. I'd be all Toyota if I wasn't worried about all that unsprung weight in the front impacting the handling.


Anyone have any input regarding differences in IFS vs live axle handling? Is it a big difference in a 4wd application?

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