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Found me a new tire shop

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I had a blow out yesterday on the way to work which sucked ass, fortunately I made it to work which was just half a block away. Anyways today found all the tire shops are closed besides the shitmart lube and fuck your shit up shop. So on my way there I saw a small tire shop that I'd not noticed before, pull in and see if they are open. Turns out they are closed and are opening next month and just getting shit cleaned up and waiting for their stock to get in. So anyways the owner goes out of his way to get me a set of used tires and mounts them on my rims even throws in some new valve stems for free! (was a little pricey for used tires be 90 dollars mounted and balanced but fuck paying walmart) I was quite pleased cause walmart was all like "its gonna take us 4 hours to get new tires on your wheels you brought in" he did it in 5 minutes, even willing to mount stretched tires for me with no issue.

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I've got 15" tires streched onto my 16" Wats....... :lol:


wat indeed




Mom and pop tires shops are the best, my bro and i have been going to the same shop for a while now even got a couple of friends to always buy their tires there, they take extra care with aftermarket wheels and stretch the shit out of them when needed.

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