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521 in NY for $500

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Come back datto510 (and bring as many Datsuns as you can! And bring me your Hoshino Impuls!)


I actually meant to put this thread in East coast classifieds. And I stumbled on another CL 521 in ME today. Crazy! When it rains it pours!

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Here's a link for a 521 on Craigslist in Conneticut. Not far from you. It is rusty, but it has a cool camper shell. Maybe you can get one of his bulldozers thrown in for cheap so you can plow yourself out.


I communicated with that guy with the 521 in NY. He says it ran last summer but wont start now.Notice the autume leaves in the pics. It is burried in snow now. Has more rust than appears in the pics. Lower doors at the rockers are rust. flolor is rusty, too. He says it is for restoration only. He uses it as a tractor on his property. I bowed out from considering this truck even though it is delectibely close by. You people on the west coast are so lucky.


Last week I sent you a Craigslist ad in Sacramento Calif for a Dastun 1000 Cheap and easy and sharp. Did you cee it?


Looking for a 521 with OEM paint; no rust; west coast mirrors; not running is ok, maybe great; not robins egg blue; title not a must; it has got to "reach out to me" and tell me to buy it because it is the one. :>) Not looking for this east coast rusty stuff unless it has been stored for three decades. Price is almost no object for the right truck. I am going to put a new, remanufactured SD 25 in it.


I went to a junkyard in Hagerstown Md today that has more trucks than you can shake a stick at. They had a Chevy luv and a 521, each was so rusty it was almost unidentifiable.


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Hey there Roger! Man I thought I wrote you back about that 59 in CA, I got a few e-mails about it. Sorry if not dude! It became quite the back and forth PM exchange and there was thread about it. A few ratsun guys tried to move on it, but a little too late!


Sold to a guy who was "Buying it for his Daughter." in the end. So fingers crossed it resurfaces!


That was damn little money for a 59 in that solid shape. Had no engine, but all the more reason to hotrod it!


Here is a link to the one in CT. I wonder if it was one that was for sale about 4 years ago when I got mine. I talked to the dude on the phone back then and this seems like the right area. At the time he was just advertising on pennysaver. But then I found my solid one in NH and passed on the CT one.


CT 521


Crazy though that is 3 521s around me. When it rains it pours! Alas I am not in the market for another Datsun anytime soon. (Unless a 'local' 59 shows up for cheap!!)

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