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rusty old kc


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I'm liking the orange with black paint. its making me reconsider metal flake blue for my seven color 620. also the center console swap. Imma have to take a tape measure and note pad on my next junk yard adventure. any suggestions on what cars to look for? you gonna re-carpet the cab?

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the center console is out of a 90's neon it would be better to get one from a standard with a boot on it, this ones out of an auto that someone left in front of my shop.

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wow its been on the road for over a year and all i have fixed it one ujoint and the rubber around the center bearing. It does need new front fenders some more floor repair and paint work. I will have to get some current pics soon.

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Laura's dd died so she's been running this truck for almost 2 months daily with no problems other that the tailpipe fell off, so now it has a shiny new one.



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