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rusty old kc


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well the old L-16 has been leaking lots of oil and water and the carb started to crap out so i finally did a compression test to see if it was worth fixing it had 180,150,80,180 and the one with 80 went up to 120 with a bit of oil in it, so i pulled it off the road until i have time to got thru my pile of free L-16's to see if theres a good one. kinda sucks tho im driving my beater s10 blazer it really makes me miss my truck

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Well it took several months of procrastinating and working on other projects but i finally went thru my pile of half dead L-16's and found one that should do the trick. its out of a 70's 510 wagon, it had 65-75 psi on all 4 after sitting for years so i threw a coil and carb on it ran it for 30 seconds and the compression came up to 175 on all four. It needs nome new seals and gaskets and ive got to swap on my 620 pan and mounts but hopefully it will be a good runner. heres a couple pics after i cleaned it up and painted parts



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little bit of progress reassembling the L16 tonight



and one of the rust hole in the new box


and the tailgate that was burried in the dirt near the parts donor


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well ive been driving it for just about 2 weeks now and so far it seems to be good, the carb is worn out a bit and it needs new points but it goes from a to b heres a couple pics



the only question i have is since this is an older 510 engine it has the single timing pointer and 5 notches on the crank, what does each notch represent in degrees?

oh and look what still works lol


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well after driving the truck for a month or so the head gasket started leaking, so it sat for a month or so, I finally got around to tearing into it on Thursday. the old gasket was so rotten it looked like it was leaking coolant into #1 and 4. here are a couple pics.





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