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Maxima/Stanza/other? headlight conversion

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It is an old school conversion I have seen on the forum and I want to do it, I am keeping my eyes open when I hit the junkyards but I have had no luck. I belive it is 85+86 that will do the trick. My phone # is in my profile in comments, wanting local to avoid shipping hastles and would like to trade to get them. I hear caprice euro and caravan lights would work, so anyone got any more ideas? It is either that or I may go ahead with the LED conversion, but that is going to be nearly $400! :blink: But the power savings on my electrical system would be great and the light output can't be beat!


As far as the LED's this one will be for regular beam, it is 15% tall and 45% wide pattern.



These monsters will be for the high beams,15% pattern



Then the fun part will be the rest of the grill, billet would be real nice!! I figure they will be on the far ends at 2" wide X 4" high and the high beams will be on top. The current draw will be 3 amps with all 4, 1.5amp for regular lights whereas the regular bulbs are 10 to 15 amps each.

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The Maxima light swap will require just minor grill & core support mods & look good & then you can run a brighter bulb.

The Caprice swap ive heard can be done by leaving the light in the bucket & cutting it from the core support. Then cut/trim your core & bolt the Caprice lights in.

Back in the day i ran Sentra lights on my Hardbody. I liked the look & the brighter lights but didnt put the effort in to make a clean looking grill...


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