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FS - Datsun DRIVING Watches

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So as we all know, Datsuns aren't known for having clocks. And those that do, likely don't work anymore (this being Ratsun). Rather than replacing your tach, this is a cheap alternative!! The faces are all large, so they're easy to read while you're dropping the clutch on a Civic or whatever...


I have THREE watches for sale. I bought them a while back, thinking I'd love to wear watches more often... But then realized I already had enough watches to last me a while anyway... So I kept one and I'm selling the other three!


I'm asking $40/each, $70/for two, or $90/ for all three. Shipping is extra!




All three are Zeiger brand, which is kind of a no-name brand. However, they're all very solid, have a great weight to them, and have a unique look to them!



Furthest to the left, from knob to knob measures just over 2 1/4". It has a watch, working thermometer (C*), and working compass. The second hand is a "tri-spoke" design, which is pretty neat. Smooth, thick leather band.



The middle watch is a large face, large number canteen style watch. From canteen to canteen, it measures right at 3 1/4". The canteen unscrews to access the time adjustment knob. The bubbled glass adds a really cool look to this watch, and it allows you to keep time on several different time zones/cities. This watch also has a window for the date.



The watch on the right is 2 1/4" from end to end, and sits 1/2" tall. The knobs are set into the base of the watch, and the square, boxy design really gives it a heavy duty military type of look. It also has a window for the date.


Again, I'm asking $40/each, $70/for two, or $90 for all three! I have the generic boxes they were sent to me in, and will be packed inside of these for shipping.


Call, text, email with any questions.





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My sale ad has been edited to show why these can be sold in a Datsun classified section. I'll let Skibber decide if he thinks my edit appropriate.


In fact, I DID drive in the Boso Goon while wearing a few of these watches. As I said in the first post, which you all obviously overlooked, a watch worn whilst driving a Datto can be beneficial for everyone.


To elaborate, if your speedometer goes out, you can calculate speed by measuring time and distance on the freeway in a very easy formula in your head (or I have a calculator I can sell you, PM for details) to tell you your current traveling rate of speed.

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