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Cool Junkyard Find!

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It's not the first step-side i've seen/know about.


There is one at a local Jyard with a legit California Step-side... My brother posted pics, i'll see if i can find them.


Edit: Here you go http://community.ratsun.net/topic/25339-junked-77-620-stepside/page__p__363636__hl__junked%26%2333%3B__fromsearch__1#entry363636

We're debating on weather or not to buy the bed and toss it on our 620.




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Cool? Um, no. That's hideous. +1 props for managing to make it "street legal" without spending any money (using whatever was laying around), but -100 for the overall concept.


- Carpet Edge Strip on one door to cover rust

- Looks like the trim off a Fridge on the other door

- Entry door thresholds for running boards

- A 521 grille jammed between the worlds worst-looking square headlight conversion, and the front bumper pounded flat to complete the "squareing".


I could make something that looked that bad in about an hour, 45 minutes of that would be digging the parts out of the garage.


The 521 turn signal up front completes the look. But only one. Don't put too much into making it match.


The chrome strips around the wheelwells and drip rail add that special touch of class.

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I know Radim saw it. There is another red 620 in the yard that is in way better shape. That bed on the step side was badly welded on. That truck is just GARBAGE! It belong in the yard..... These pictures don't really show how stupid built this truck really is.

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That red truck has Dodge type fenders. It also looks like an older bed of some type. California Stepside and International (the ones on Chevy Luvs) were both sized down Chevy dually fender types. As I've said before, Cailfornia Stepside has SEPERATE METAL front steps and the International's have molded steps both in front and BACK of the fenders.

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