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I like it. I think you should add some more color, like maroon or red, just a little accent around the white stripes


But . . . I'm no artist. I just think it would make it "pop" better.

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My father collects antiques and brings a lot of random stuff home from auctions, garage sales, estate sales, ect. I went out behind our garage where a lot of the things get thrown that didn't make the cut. The shears were the most obscure, rustiest thing i could find with the most amount surface area. After i striped them i took an artsy picture on a pile of rusty junk. When i was looking for a picture for my cards that was the first one in the album named "a"

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I know this is going to make me sound like a dick, but there isn't enough emphasis on the striping, IMO. It's a card I would toss, since it is an artists' craft (pinstriping), and anymore, sepia-toned rustic pictures scream "stock photo" to me.


the inside of a headlight bezel, HEAVILY 'striped would be awesome. or just a picture of anything you've done that is intricate, to show off your skill.



remember, you are showing off your ability to do intricate line work, and people need to see it.

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Will catch some attention...



Maybe not all good. :D


Dude WTF. That is way 70's.


I really like the first one.

Please send me a P.M. I want to ship something to you for some work.



4 of these.

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