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WTB: Dual Sidedraft manifold

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620s with 5-speeds had the same rear gears as ones with 4-speeds. Only Automatics varied in the same year.


So, if you want something different, you need to specify which ratio. You have a '73, so it either had a 4.88 (common HD '73 ratio), a 4.38 gear (somewhat rare for '73 but common 74-78), or a 4.625 (Automatic Only).

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It's a 73 with a Dogleg, i'm not sure what gearing i have back there i'll check when i have a chance but i'm pretty sure they didn't change it cause freeway speeds suffer, going 70mph at like 4-5krpm


Edit: Just checked couldn't find the ratio without having to take off the diff cover, but my brother says it should be a 4.38 4Spd

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