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WTT- Vintage 620 glass fender flares 'mudflap-style'

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So I have this pair of vintage (guessing 1980's) 620 mud-flap fender flares. These are REAR flares I believe. (not 100% on that)


They have never been mounted in all these years and still have there white finish on them. (I grabbed them from a guy who I bought a worked L-18 from. He just had them sitting and never used them.)


I'd like to trade them for a 510 spook front air dam! (Can be used if in good shape.) Or 510 QP sheet metal or fenders, vintage wheels or ? (I am new to the 510 thing! Whatcha-got?)


These are not perfect. They have a few chips and one has a couple little cracks (see pictures).


This one is nice!







This one has a couple cracks BUT one is mostly on the back side where it will mount against your fender.





Small crack on front edge.






The shows the crack on the back mounting surface. It travels a little bit over the top.



Obviously shipping would be way more on these than on a bre spook, so we will have to work that out.

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