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Classic Import Crazy Boise


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When? Saturday July 23 2011 12pm - 5pm



Where? Boise Idaho, o'reilly's Auto Parts 8050 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704


What? Classic Import Crazy, Bring your Datsun, volkswagen, Toyota, Bmw, Audi, Honda, Mitsubishi...... ETC. old imports ONLY



How? $15 registration fee at the show..... $10 Early registration now open.... click paypal below... Then email southernidahodatsunenthusiasts@yahoo.com include your name, phone number, address, make and model, and a picture of your vehicle...



We will have a raffle with sweet prizes. ALL PROCEEDS go to the boys and girls club.

There will be trophies for different categories...

Check back for more info

Brought To You By So Idaho Datsun Enthusiasts



click here to pay registration



pay now!

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I'd like to show up either with the solid running '71 521 or the '78 bulletside KC electric conversion. The latter would have to be towed/trailered down since up course it takes a six-hour charge to go 40 miles & I'm 165 miles away...I wish I could just put a power generator in the back & run it as a hybrid, but the system doesn't work that way.


Ya never know--maybe my dream car Fairlady might come along..


It's just that the timing is during the peak of my yardcare season; I've been invited to the alt. energy gtg in John Day every summer and various VW bus campouts, and grrrrr I miss 'em all.

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So how was the pizza and beer datsun 'o' rama tonight?

Sorry I wasn't up for makin' it I have the cold from having to drive my motorcycle in the freezing cold.


I was thinking about making a JY run this Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Anybody interested in going with assuming the weather is ok?

I have some lil bits here and there I want/need.

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