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wanting to find another 510!

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my dad and I have been looking for another 510 even a shell would do so we can start another project. if anyone knows of one pm me! we have been looking for a while now but i think all them are gone in our area :lol: haha NO MATTER THE CONDITION (hit, non running, shell, whatever) just any 510 will do, thanks you guys!

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71 wagon


I am just down in tacoma, if you want to go L series your choise of engines, L16, l18, L20. And choice of fuel delivery, full SU setup or Nissan EFI. Nearly all powertrain parts you could want, You just have to come up with better front seats and carpet.




located in Tacoma area

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Yeah, I have a 2 door as well as the 4door. wasn't planning on selling but he asked at just the right time and I want to see it built rather than sit at my place collecting dust. I just saw the pic's of Paolo's place and I don't want to be like that. Those cars need to get built!!!


You still have the 4 door, and do you want to sell it?

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