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thnx guys idk what mirror that is it came with the truck wish i could get the other one haha

I just bought a set that looks like they might match. I only want the driver side. Truck looks sweet. I never really did one of these threads either. Just signed up and started talking shit.

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Yo Gangsta

Your going to take of the ass part of the linkage on the stock carb off that hopefully you didnt sell cause you were hurting for money.


You will remove the likage setup on the weber now thats on there. The stock 521 cable pulley will fit on back of the weber. Hopefully in the kit is a bracket that will fit on the carb base that has the hole in it for the cable to run thru. Hopefully this will line the cale up so its a nice straight pull.

I myself used the stock cable holder on the carb but since the weber uses a adapter plate i had to oblong the hole to make it fit. then I redrilled the cable hole in a different spot so when I ran the cable thru. the pulley and the cable lines up.Hope you have the cable bracket and this will be ezer as I never had this at the time. I have one now but its already on there so I dont use the weber one.


when removing or installing the linkgae in back make sure to to REEF to tie on this as it can cause the butterfly plate to bind and bend. use the washer with the tab to hold the hex nut. this prevents it from loosening up on you.


hope this makes sense.


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