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need 620 steering piece


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Nah, they all fit... its a tie rod end. Rockauto dont sell them. But I think Moog still does...













Some 620's are cursed!

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and after all the skib"i will never work on another 620 again!!"




I still hate working them, why I ever got one is beyond me <_<


I its got me to the point where Im just having the nismo dr. come over and do it for me, I cant stand working on 620s :angry:

I also smashed my good ratchet.........


I'm going to Pick and Pull tomorrow if it doesn't rain. I'll get one for you.


Ill pay ya what it costs and some extra


Just place the new old part into the same place or the suspension alignment is going to get fucked...


thats the plan, I have an alignment machine at work too

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I cant even name this right now Im to pissed off at this fucking truck


I need this thing dry.gif driver side





bolts all sorts of jacked



Just go to partstrain.com is way alot cheaper, tie rod ends is what they call it but it's for your center link rod. Just got one in for my 620.

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That is part of the cross rod assembly. It's called the cross rod end or cross rod socket. Beware, one side is right hand thread and the other is left hand thread. Also the '78 and up cross rod assy is different from the earlier ones. I don't know if this includes the ends too, probably not. .

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