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Huge bomb cache in Cali?

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Datzenmike is correct, it's not only the media, though, the law enforcement agencies also blatantly lie about the seriousness of things to big themselves up and wave around at budget time. Look at the grossly inflated street value of drugs during big busts, makes them look like their justified in their seemingly unlimited budget.

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Uncle grant?!! Jk. Butttttttt realllllllly :| he lives on this 250 acre ranch and he's a one of those good ol souther boys NRA members and I wouldn't be that suprised if half the NRA card packers could match or surpass such an opperation. Everything is terorism this or that now adays. Scare the public can't have people thinking for themselves can we now? I flew out of Hawaii and it was threat level orange. What kinda bullshit is that?!?! Is alquadia or however the fak you spell it taking a little vacation to an island 2000 miles or more from any land mass? Really really?! Come on now america get your shit together.

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I think you fail to understand that hmtd is a shock type explosive one can burn it and just flames but when shocked it goes off --so unstable that open pit mines were afraid to use it.. did ya notice the gardener that probably just got to close to it..peroxide type explosives are like nitro glycerin NOT like gun powder...WATCH




notice the tiny white spot??now add 12 more pounds

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Also back it up with some of this ,,that was "allegedly" in the house....FYI......10g = 0.022 pounds


I hope you guys were paying attention to bananahamuks reply,these chemicals are not kid shit.Comparing those compounds to gunpowder is like comparing a goldfish to a pirhanna,maybe not a good analogy,but think about it.

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