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GA - anyone somewhere near me selling a 510/520/521?

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I just sold my cressida so I may be in the market for a datsun. I'd love a 2dr 4dr or a truck. I already have a wagon.


I don't have too much money but I definitely want a running driving car.


Let me know if anyone has anything! I don't mind a road trip for the right car but I don't have time to go completely cross country!


4spd or 5spd! no auto thanks :D





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510 2-door




On Atlanta CL, but in Tallahassee. Auto though. Swap it out.



I talked to that guy and I think it has more rust problems that he is sharing , especially for the price, but I may go and see it

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How's the maxima doing?

I was in the market for a 520/521 but i bought this 210 instead. Loving the gas mileage. ;-)



maxima is being a royal pain in the arse

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haha I know what you mean. ;-) Turbo Maximas just seem to have unending issues. LOL

whats the issue with it?



fuel delivery/pressure at the moment. Getting the injectors cleaned and flow tested today then we shall see!

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What's up Alex! Did you see my 521 when it was up at Garage Zero? I might be persuaded into selling it...pm me either here or on IA or IZ and we can chat. Thanks !


Hey Rut! Yeah I definitely saw it, awesome car. Don't think I have the funds to afford it though. Hoping to spend as little as possible :)

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