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610 Heater Box Rebuild


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It's getting cold out there, Ratsuners! For the 411 community, MikeRL411 has graciously done an excellent writeup regarding preformed heater hoses:



But, that only helps the 411 crowd...And since I don't own a 411, so I did some research on behalf of the 610 community (may work for 710 as they are structurally similar cars, but don't hold me to it...)


Here is what I had. Original hoses that came with the car. Rotted. Cracked. 38 years old...(hose clamps omitted for clarity):






So I removed the main preformed heater hose (as you can see, the other two are simple straight lengths of 5/8" heater hose)




Funny shaped P.O.S....:




Well before this photo session, I decided to take a field trip to my local auto parts store, looking for a shape that would work under these conditions. Let me tell you, that was not easy. Needle in a stack of rubber needles. But, eventually, I came across a shape that would work:






Given that the OEM Nissan hose is non-existant, I would say this is not too terribly bad, really.

I had the number cross referred, in case you are not a fan of Dayco or Gates hoses.

Part Numbers:

Dayco 87713 (as modeled)

Gates 18900

Application: 1986-1993 Mazda B2000 or B2200 Truck


But, there is some modification to be done. I have shown an excellent spot to cut the unwanted "loop" out of this length of hose:



After the cut:




After fitment (hose clamps omitted for clarity)





And that completes the preformed heater hose replacement for the stock 610 heater box. I have another modification in the works, so stay tuned. This one will "blow" your mind...LOL.

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Ingenuity rules! Good writeup and looks like you are ready for another 40 years. By the way, the loop you cut off just might be useful to replace the water pump to intake manifold preheater inlet, if you have one.

Hmmm...I will have to take a look at that hose...I seem to recall mine being in good shape, but 'new' trumps 'good shape' at any poker table...

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Excellent info here. Thank you Zerow.

You're welcome...Sadly, I am not done with this rebuild, there is an even more awesome component to be added...Stay Tuned :)

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