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going to court!

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Well here awile back I complained about a ticket. I got pulled over and the officer said he was following me for over 5 miles and I was weaving in and out of traffic and doing over 70mph and driving aggressivly. He pulled me over on S I-5 before the 512 exit. I said it wasnt possible, he asked why, I told him I just got on the highway at 38th st. Guess what, that is 2 miles at best. after a bit more disscusion, he came back with a ticket that I was following too close, and to top it off, he used the wrong address after I told him the correct one. <_<


Last time I passed a cop at 70 he had me pulled over within one mile....

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The more you postpone it the more likely he won't show up, especially for a chp. I've beaten many tickets, just postpone it as much as you can then fight it, and be sure to include that he said he pulled you over for one reason, but gave you a ticket for something else.

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Remember, in Washington you have to send a written request prior to the court date to ask the officer to appear in order to get out of it. So if you want to call officer so and so to the stand, oh what, he's not there? Well, then obviously the state has no witness, therefore the case should be dismissed.


If you don't request he comes to the court date, then you're still screwed. Gotta love Washington! With the information there, you can still request a contested hearing and say look, douchebag cop number 1 didn't even put the correct address down after I told him, changed his reason for pulling me over after stopped. Guy didn't know which way way up, etc.

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