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Dat noob!!!

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I just purchased a 1980 210 the other day, took 8 months to convince the guy to sell it to me, then he sold it to me cheap. Ive done a fair bit of research on these and have been looking for a good forum that i could get some more knowledge about these cars because I have already decided, that by next spring I would like to be installed a carb'd and cammed KA24DE and try to adapt some 240sx suspension. I have previous experiences with nissans, 86 300zx, 88 300zx turbo, 91 240sx and i have always loved the old schools.


On to the condition. No RUST!!! whatsoever, 98k shows on the odo but it currently is not working. Paint is new but was a fairly cheap job as evidenced by the runs in it. A15 1.5L runs really strong and smooth, today i performed a complete-tune up. The only thing left to do to it is replace the carb gasket. The suspension is old and worn, needs new struts and bushings, thats where the 240sx suspension comes in. The interior is in decent shape as well except the seats and dash. Im hoping to make a aluminum dash panel and bolt in some 240sx seats.


I am a man of simplicity and thats how i want my vehicle, no power steering, no fuel injection. I real drivers car. Sorry for such a long intro, ill end with some current pics, sorry for the quality as well i dropped my cell phone in a mug of beer and the pics have been crappy ever since...lol





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WOW! Very clean man.


Welcome to Ratsun. These cars are very great cars to own when well maintained. Take care of it and it will take care of you ;)


You will fall in love with this car the more you work on it. It's a very great car to own and you'll love how easy it is to work on.

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