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Ultimate Towing FAIL!

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Went out to visit my folks on Whidbey Island, Wa. Pulled up to the grocery store just in time to see this guy detaching a jeep from his Winnebago and he just left it there!




Close Up:




I went and peeked inside after he left and it was in 'park' with the e-brake on... OOOPS!

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Very common in the RV world. Several years ago, a couple was traveling across Montana and towed a car with a flat tire for several hundred miles. They were actually sued by the state and local places due to all of the forest fires they caused. Nope, they had no idea that they were dragging the broken car.

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Showed this to a friend and all he said was.....

"yeah i guess he could have pulled it there without a single mark on the concrete, and the aluminum wheel totally wouldn't have broken I'm sure it would just slowly grind down..........."



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I did that once towing my race car. I had no idea the tire was flat until some guy pulled up next to me freaking out. The rim didn't look like that one but it was pretty beat up. :o

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Kinda reminds me- The wife and I were driving home from NYC. At like 2 AM on the interstate in Hartford CT, a semi ran over some metal ahead of us and it just missed our van. Next thing we notice fuel is gushing out of the gastank of the big rig. Fuel hitting our van like mist. The driver had no idea, so we had to pull up along side him and try to signal him. Made the mistake of opening the window too soon and got a little fuel in the face. But anyway after like 2 mi we finally got him to understand and he pulled over. I have no idea how much fuel came out!


Scared the hell out of me though!!! Thank goodness there wasn't a spark!

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