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is this worth it?


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hey guys i was on craigs list and emailed a guy about this car http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/2086571379.html


he wants to trade me my 510 and 800$ for his car do you think its worth it?


this is what the car looked like when i got it http://www.flickr.com/photos/44982818@N03/


the interior is now all black with a fiberglass gauge cluster and fiber glass center console both made by pare. i just finished dropping in a freshly rebuilt ka24de and freshly rebuilt 5 speed. the car is not running because i haven't wired it up or installed my griffin radiator. there are a few small things to get it running just haven't been able to get to it with school and work. i also have spare coil-overs and some other stuff to go with the car. i take the train to work and would only be using this as a sunny weather fun car lol he said he has a set of street rims and tires to go with the car. the factory hard top will not fit because to put in the roll cage they had to tweak the windshield a little bit and weld it. maybe look into having a hard top made? so i was just wondering what you guys think. also should i post this in the 510 area and see what everyone thinks?

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I wouldnt personally, but thats cuz I live in rainy Oregon. If you want a car that extreme, sure sounds worth it. But you have to evaluate what car you would rather have. Doesnt look to safe to leave anywhere other than a garage.


Does the hood even fit? Looks like he cut the hood so now the motor sticks through.

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Not unless you have garage,big tarp,trailer,treaded tires and accommodating neighbors, and a need to look at that more than drive it.cause he`s tired of looking at it sit ;



5. Why are you selling it? Need the money to finish my 1958 motorcycle project.

Than why is he offering you $800?. answer: to get it out of his /wifes face.

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