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Suspension Update


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So this is what I have come up with under the front end of my dime.


1. 240Z cross member with front mount rack and pinion

2. Adjustable lower control arms..thanks to GB

3. 88 200sx V-6 struts

4. 84 300zx wheel hubs

5. 85 300zx calipers

6. 300lbs coilovers

7. Top hat kit...again thanks to GB

8. Camber plates

9. Techno Toy adj T/C rods... to be mounted to new brackets facing the back to clear the front mount R/P.


Still need to get new ball joints, steering knuckles, rod ends..will most likely be a heim joint setup. last but not least I will have to make something like the spacer that is used when converting to the 280zx struts to go between the control arm and strut. Aslo the 13" koni race inserts will fit in the struts they are a half inch taller than the insert so a spacer is required at the top or bottom. Will keep all updated and hopefully post pictures soon.

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Why are you moving the T/C rod pockets? The location of them is not arbitrary. There are a ton of ways to put a R&P in a 510 without moving them. The first-gen VW Rabbit rack works very well. The white VG30DE 510 in Portland has this setup and it works very well. Just my opinion, but I would be very careful about doing this, unless you have the geometry all sorted out, etc.


It is not too difficult to adapt a S12 R&P either...

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Well it looks as though the rp will interfere the tc rods during suspension travel and turning. as for the suspension geometry in reference to relocating the t/c pockets it should not be any trouble, is not the main function of that piece to effectivley set the toe?? with this being adjustable...even if it was a little off I could still correct it by adjusting the t/c rod accordingly. Help me out if I am not on the right path. Thanks.

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Well it looks as though the rp will interfere the tc rods during suspension travel and turning.


That was my next question, will it hit...


I'm no expert, but I have seen several different setups that did not require relocating the T/C rod pockets.

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I can not say that it will not hit with out relocating them. I might be lucky and not have any problems, it all depends on where the ends mount up on the steering knuckles..I am still looking for a set so until then I will err on the side of caution and wait for the knuckle before I relocate anything, and I will let you all know then.

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well, when i bought my 510 I also received a bunch of extra parts. This included a 240z crossmember with everything attached. This bolts right in...well not right in the 240z x-member has to be move back one hole and then you re drill the second rear hole..reason for this is that on a z car the control arm is mounted in the center of the x-member not on the back of it like the 510. Just tryin to use what I have. I have lots of time another three maybe four years before I see my ODL again, but not alot of money so if all I had to do was spend a little time relocating the t/c rods???? or maybe I will be lucky and have no trouble with this. I dont have the steering knuckles yet and I honestly dont even know how the 88 200sx steering set is oriented, as to the shape of the steering knuckle if it will put he rod up high or low..I dont know yet... we will see. Hopefully I will be able to start putting the front end back under it this week, and I can report back if there is any interference:confused:

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