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Billet front caliper brackets for 620

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Okay, I searched and searched the world over. I know I saw them here earlier in 2010. Someone had made a run of billet caliper brackets for converting the 620 front drums to disc (and maybe 521 also).


Yes I'm familiar with Beebani's brackets as I actually have those already installed. It's just the billet ones looked more trick and I was interested in a set (now of course after I can't find the thread :( )


Anyone recall seeing this or who the OP was?


Btw, for the "use the search" Nazis, I've searched for the following strings (without quotes) :

"billet caliper"

"billet mounts"

"disc conversion"

"front brackets"

"caliper brackets"

"caliper mounts"

... and many variations of those with and without "620" and find nothing but Fineline & Beebani's brackets, it's like the thread totally disappeared ???

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