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cyborgs in our life time

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stumbled across this today. artists are some weird folks. glad im in to cars, i could of gone down a horribly dark path that ended up with a candle holder piercing,a shitty bottle of white wine, while slowly degenerating in a dark empty flat.







In the name of art, an NYU photography professor has surgically implanted a camera into the back of his head.


New York University photography professor Wafaa Bilal, previously known for his work on a videogame mod called The Night of Bush Capturing: A Virtual Jihadi that cast players as a suicide bomber, is making waves once again. This time, he's gone and implanted a camera into the back of his skull for a new photography experiment that sounds really painful.


A magnetic camera mount was surgically attached to the back of Bilal's head by a body modification artist. The artist gave Bilal a "transdermal implant" which includes three titanium plates and posts, which the base for a 10-megapixel camera was screwed into. He says it "hurt a lot."


Bilal underwent the painful operation for a project called "The 3rd I." The camera will take photos at one-minute intervals for an entire year and beam them to an exhibit at the new Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar, which opens on December 30, 2010. According to his website, the project will begin on December 15.


The premise behind the project is to comment on the "inaccessibility of time and the inability to capture memory and experience," Bilal says. He adds that he's interested in "what he leaves behind." For now this has only been a shower curtain and a bunch of other boring stuff, but he's sure to capture a lot of interesting moments in the hundreds of thousands of photos he plans to take over the next year.


He could have just worn a helmet cam, but that'd be too obvious to bystanders and wouldn't work for the premise of the project, it seems. Bilal has agreed to cap the lens of his head camera while on campus at NYU to protect the school's students, but it'll be on for every other portion of his life. It's even waterproof and will work in the shower.


Bilal's friends are already starting to uninvite him to gatherings because of the camera, but he doesn't care. It's an extreme project, but it also has a compelling nature that should see some cool results.

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Really it's just a human camera mount.... and facing to the rear. Meh. There was a guy a few years back that hung a camera around his neck to store all his waking life history and store it day by day year by year.


I guess this guy took the expression that artists must suffer for their art seriously. I don't think this makes him a cyborg. A hearing aid or pacemaker or insulin pump is closer.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

There is a fellow in Parksville BC,His nickname is Flying Phil(he took to many drugs way back when never came back down)He is the friendliest person you could ever meet, It would be neat to see a video of his days of walking, anytime you drive through parksville and see him he waves away, this is all he does. waves and says hi to people.



Here is a lil story about Phil from a newspaper.



Flying Phil may get his own day. Parksville city

councillor Chris Burger wants to name March 7

Phil St. Luke Day.

St. Luke is a fixture in Parksville and can be seen

walking around the whole community, waving to

people and popping into local businesses to say


“I would like to see at least a day in his honour,”

Burger said.

He said he’d like to do something to celebrate

someone who is a non-political celebrity.

“I thought this would be a nice gesture for him,” Burger


He said St. Luke is the city’s unofficial ambassador.

“Think if the example he sets,” Burger said. “He works

with the Society of Organized Services (SOS). He visits

local businesses. He’s physically active. He will assist

anyone. He’s always cheery.

“He exemplifies a lot of great qualities.”

St. Luke even has a fan club on Facebook with 1,782 members.

“You have touched so many of our lives, Phil. I think I must have seen your smiling face since 1977,” wrote Mary

Pat Thompson.

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I imagine it won't be too different from AI. I'm not liking the automated machine voices on many 1800 numbers who try to guess your information and make it appear like a real person. Nothing pisses me off quicker. Don't placate me, I can tell it's not a real person!


But a sex bot....hmmmmmm, maybe an Asian wife IS in my future!! :lol:

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