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Need Help Guys Ratsun Dont Want To Run

Dat620 77'

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Hey guys so i got my 77 kc 620 and just put a new motor in her she runs like a top 87000 original miles on motor from the parts truck which who i bought the truck from was the 2nd owner and only got to drive the truck for 6 mounths 10 years ago when she bought it from the original owner. So i got it it tuned it up and everything oil,oil filter,air filter,fuel filter,spark plugs wires and the whole nine yards.Well my brand new point that i put in her burnt up like there was nothing to it... didnt even have five hours on them piss me the hell off lol!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyhow so my buddy got ahold of this parts truck that was stripped and motor had alot missing off on it bolts,and so forth well he told me i could take what i needed off of the truck so i did.Only thing i saw was it was a 77 std short box that had an electronic dizzy on her with a plug coming off it and some igntion module that mounts on the inner fender.It had a body wire that came off of it the plug that goes to the dizzy and a positive and negative wire that goes to the coil.So i did the swap and man she runs so much smoother drove her for a week and now ill be driving and she will be running perfectly fine and then she wont want to run or go anywhere dont know why PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! i feather the throttle and she will stay running some what and then die :( i cant move so i let her sit for about five to ten minutes and then i can start her up and go down the road for a couple minutes and then she starts doing it again.First off i found out that when i had the points she was overcharging... DONT KNOW WHY???? the battery when running is at 16v and even with everything on was at 16v changed the regulator and still 16v i got two brand new regulator and the old one that came off of the parts truck that goes with that alternator so tryed it and burnt it up so put one of my new ones back on her.So the regulator didnt do anything just still stayed at 16v... so i was wondering maybe i put the electric dizzy in her the volts should drop down hopfully well i havnt had a chance to test her volt since i have done the conversion been working alot but from whats going on sounds like nothing has changed.So she just sits there im thinking that my alternator needs changed and that will fix everything that is going on with her any help would be appreciated im almost fed up with her and man do i love her i would hate to sell her but i am at wits end please help me anything would be appreciative Thanks Cody

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figure out the overcharge first. an overcharge WILL burn up points fast. it may also fry the electronic ignition module. if you can do it i would suggest going to an IR alt. i put a ZX turbo alt on my 73 and it runs like a champ. alot of other people have run a saturn alt with minor mods.

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Points burn up if a low value resisiant coil was installed and or the stock ballast resisitor removed.


instll stock point coil and have the ballast resisitor in there also.


ck the alternator output across the battery. If you have a overvolt proplem fix this first if anoting esle was changed but I have a feeling you added a BLING COIL and the points are buring up.


I had a car where a super coil was added and only the stock resisitor was in there. Car would backfire w/ new set of points just going down the street!!!!!!!!!!In this case another ballast resisitor that was in the kit was added





changing to a EI distrbutor isnt going to fix the overvolt proplem.


this EZ fix



I dont trust your buddy!!!!!! but it bact to where it was. before you fuck this up

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do what your telling me is that i should go back to a stock coil and my points distributor i mean i would like to keep the electronic if i could man it runs so much nicer.And what alternator should i use?I have read the how to threads but i dont get where you put the jumper wires other than at the plug but the plug is labeled to have an ir alternator.Thanks for the help so far

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if you have a IR alternator on a car/truck that has a external regulator you could have a wondering voltage as you have stated.

said you swap 2 volt regs.and it did not change.


If your buddy wire up the eleltric ignition already, I say just leave it for now and look at the alternator overvolt proplem first.


I am real busy right now and can awnser only simple questions.

But if the eleltronic ignitio was installed is best to use the coil from that truck. 77 and 78 is a trasition year from points to EI(elec Ignition). so you have to use the correct parts.

The "How TO" section has drawings on this. and has the wires that need to be shorted. So no need to just wires just make jumpers first and insert in to the plug. some people use the old volt reg oppisite plug to make the jumpers there.


Datzenmike(PM HIM) can show you this stuff. But you really need to pay attention what parts come from what as the 77 to 78 is the years they started swapping over to EI and to IR(internalreg alternators.



also note using a point coil and the ballast is removed on a EI set up could cause the coil to overheat. as the are designed to run on about 6 volts. that why the ballast resisitor. Only on START there is a bypasswire that bypasses the ballast and goes right o the coil.

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can't find a pic (can take one when I get home tonight) but


First, unplug the stock six terminal voltage regulator and plug in a jumper wire from the WHITE wire to the YELLOW wire in the plug where the regulator was connected. Next, plug in a jumper wire from the WHITE and RED wire to the WHITE and BLACK wire in the same plug. Done.

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banzai510(hainz) I have swapped three voltage regulators the one that came from the parts truck which was a factory one never been changed.Well i fryed that one so then i tryed the other two new ones that i have and they work and everything charge light went off with both when i tryed them so just kept one of those regulators installed. I am at work now hoping to be able to test the volts tomorrow if its nice out side or at least some time this weekend to see if its overcharging or not.Now about the distributor i did pulled the parts and everything and saw how it was installed on my buddies parts truck and did the swap myself.On my buddies truck the igniton module was installed on a stock coil and ballaster and yes i do have a aftermarket dizzy so should i go back to the stock coil and balister or what thanks for the help so far.


nismo dr I would really like those pic that you were saying would help me out if you would lol and i am not running no big sterio or anything so that should work for me lol just would like pics to see what all i would have to do to convert mine to internal and are all the wires the same color that you put the jump wires two on each year of truck up to 77 or what i would appreciate if you could help with those issues alot. Thanks Cody p.s my truck is a 77 so just would really like to know....

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On my buddies truck the igniton module was installed on a stock coil and ballaster .


the first gen Datsun EI remote ignitions I dont know much about. Im sure they work good just make sure the bypass wire is wired to the plus side of the coil to get the max anout of voltage during the start position. If not it could be hard to start.

When it comes to this I always say use the newer coil as this prevent stuff like to from happening.


The later Matchbox dizzy you can still use the stock coil and ballast. just that you hook up the B) of the matchbox to the +side of the ballast resisitor(blk/wht wire)

C) just goes to minus side of coil.


I think in the HOW TO section if you look back far enought has the drwings of different ignitions and how to hook up.


PS Drnismo is correct on how to hook it up. The photo is slightly misleading as it looks like its only 3 connectors but its really 4.

also your 620 will use a bullet end type connector.


you could take a blows volt reg and use that and short the wires there. soemone on the HOWTO section shows this using that connector. but make sure the color codes match as I seen the right colors but were in the wrong spot on the volt reg side. so confirm using the engine side of the wire harness connector

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