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misc wheels - centerline and slotted mags

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Somebody must need one of these to comeplete a set.


14x7 centerline with Datsun 4x4.5" pcd (4x114.3mm) - $20 plus shipping.


Backspace is 3.125" - sticks out too much for a roadster


I hate to toss this, as I've been trying for years to find a 14x5.5 Western "minilite" to complete a set so I know how hard it can be to find that last one! (If you have one to sell - let me know! or an Enkei Compe!)



Mis-matched set of slotted mags with a Datsun 4x4.5 (4x144.3mm) pcd.


Get one or more to complete your set


2x 14x5.5 - 3" backspace - $20 each plus shipping


1 "US Indy" 14x6 - 3.25" backspace - $20 plus shipping


1 14x6 - 3.25" backspace (slightly different than the "US Indy") - $20 plus shipping



Located in Portland, OR





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