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If you watch the early episodes of Top Gear {UK} it's the same way. Gives these guys time, and i bet they will become friends and the show will improve. That's what makes the the original so good to me, the chemistry with the hosts. Plus Rutledge drives a 521, and loves it! He just had disc put on the front at a shop i take my Crown to here in Atlanta. It was either Beebani or a Klotz disc adaptor.

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the show sucks. i so used to watching the original top gear, that this show seems really sterile. maybe it will get good. I think that they should have forced these three dudes to go on a three month road trip to get the used to being around each other.

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I thought it was alright. Certainly a lot better than I had heard it would be. Damn cool that a Ratsun member is on of the hosts. I was disappointed that Adam Carolla was gone because of his Datsun connection. It's good to know that Datsun will still be represented in some small way.

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they should have kept adam carolla. i hope it doesnt go past this first season. the original is so much better. I dont think they can ever get close the same chemistry that clarkson, hammond, and may have.


yeah carolla and foust would have been interesting



one of those dudes is Ratsun member


i like that a ratsuner is on tv but the show still wasnt my favorite cool truck though

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Im watching it now.



Im going to give it a bit to break in but so far its not fantastic but its not bad, it has potential.

I think itl get better as things become more natural and less rehearsed.



they have big shoes to fill with top gear UK tho, no show would ever be the same without clarkson.

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I dont think they should have used the "Top Gear" name. It makes them live up to something they may not accomplish. Without the name its probably a good show.


I haven't watched it yet (and probably not going to) but from what i was told, the cinematography wasn't nearly as good as the original uk version along with the chemistry between the hosts and their review on the cars they drive. I know I may never own an Aston Martin but i would like to know the flaws of thier $250,000 car. From what I've heard, all they do is get behind the wheel and scream about how they are driving a car they will never own.



I really don't care to watch, unless they change the name.

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