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my 79 620


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Ok so far ive just been lurking around here and Ka-t :ph34r: , and decided eh screw it, i got sum info to help some people out. but anyways nuff about me... so this lil 79 620 was dubbed the nightmare b4 cruces when i lived in las cruces nm... since ive moved around alot the names just the nightmare ... of course 79 620 kc, l20b, dual weber32/36's, msd ign, 1 lopey asscam, long runner header, (told it was a 280 5spd) numbers are missing on trans tho so i cant verify) , 4.11 rear, side markers deleted (led lights under the body), lc plate delete (plate flips under body when parked lol pisses the cops off):frantics: , cowl hood, sunvisor, blacked out glass and standard glass (prev owner thought the black would look cool, it does but its soooooooooo unsafe, ive allready replaced with stock glass), a local interior shop did a custom inter (im about to tear it out)


Anywho, as for future plans, im yanking the l20b for a ka-t... or something along those lines, scooby wrx independent rear... and no im not bagging it lol :fu:



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lol ill try to find some pics of when i first got it... it was bad enough i was given it... ive loved building it up so far... but the new issue is what to do for a motor... while i was deploied my xwife thought she could use it to help a friend move, but since i was deploied for 18mnths i drained it of fluids and put it on stands and told her not to take it out, and if she did shed need to replace all the fluids... well her dumbass friend noticed it didnt have gas in it so the two blondes decided to put some in and drive off.... long story short the l20b is siezed... and we are divorced...


any ideas? ive thought of the ka24de-t... kinda pricey here... almost as much as a sr20det .... anything you ratsuns would like to see?



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I say find a Nissan with a ka24, possibly the ka24de, and built it up, they are kinda pricey, but they do have a TON of parts available for them, and you'd be sticking with Datsun/Nissan, which always good. You could also get a Z motor and build it up, not as much power, but more... vintage. Just an idea tho.

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