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Looking at a 521...


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So im basically on a mission to run as many older cars as possible. The dash in my hardbody pickups going all disco on me, CEL is on, ABS is on, too much electronic shit!

I have my 4.3L 4x4 blazer as my 'new' car so i dont really even need my HB anymore. Just another cotsly smog appointment.


Anyay, 521 Pickups.


The one im looking at is a 1969.


How easy to swap a 5 speed into?


Whats the rear end ratio?


If it has a J series, how hard to swap to L? Is J reliable?


Load capacity?


I dont know too much about them, except that I love the styling, and I want to get one! Would be a perfect match for my Gumby Green 69 510!

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Hi there 68datsun510, I think in 69 they came with the J13 engine, there is room in there for a L block, but you have to fabricate engine mounts, the J block radiator sheet metal can be cut out for the L block radiator to fit, it has the L block holes for the radiator already there. There are two ways to put a 5 spd. behind a L block, the easy way is to buy a 200SX dogleg 5 spd. that will need some modifacation to the tranny mount, and a longer driveline will need to be fabricated. the other way is more complicated and involves a napZ 5 spd. which I will explain to you if you get that far. I don't beleave there is a easy/inexpencive way to get a 5 spd. for a J block. I beleave that the rearend has 488 gearing, I could be wrong, but you could put 437s in it fairly easily. Most of the datsun trucks were rated for one ton in that era, they will haul that much, but they have drum brakes all around. wayno

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Interesting. RockAuto.com lists BOTH engines as available, but who knows whats 'real'. Thanks for the info Wayno, very helpful. Drum brakes dont scare me really, they do work, as long as you dont try and stop 2000lbs in under 100ft lol.

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Id search for a 70 71 or 72. Reason being they already have the L motor & swapping in a 5 speed is more common. I put a 5 speed out of a 83 280ZX in my 71 521. Totally do-able yourself with a few basic tools. I had to...shorten the driveshaft, shorten/modify the trans. mount & modify the yoke on the front of the driveshaft. I did a writeup w/ pix if ya need em.

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Long live the 521!!!!



Haha, couldnt agree more! I never did end up going to see that 521. I need to control my impulses on projects. Im stuck in the middle of an engine rebuilt, heater recored, and an interior update on my 510, and there is a possible 1970 barn find 240Z in my future... I will stick with the HB truck for the time being... :P

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That's what upgrades are for, you get to work on your datsun and make it better. :lol:



Yeah for sure, once the funds allow it, it will be getting front disc brakes and by then it'll be warm out again and I'll stop whining about the heater :D

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