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3 hours ago, datzenmike said:


Didn't mean the carburetor screws, that would be more for idle. More the jets to correct any lean or rich.

ahhh I see, so they are like bring into a tuning shop kinda deal. I new about adjusting the jets but ill call a couple shops and see if I can get a borderline price of a tune.

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I doubt you will notice much. I'm talking going from a stock exhaust system to open header. It can sometimes lose low speed power but gain top. If you have a pipe and the low restriction turbo muffler it won't bother it much.

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Here is my contribution. I decided to run a 2" exhaust off of the stock exhaust manifold. With a 2" muffler on the back. We're I to do it again I would have found stainless steel, as this mild steel immediately flash rusted and I am worried that it won't last a super long time, but I like the way it sounds and is tucked under the car. 


The only thing that didn't get completed was the retainer that keeps it from rattling on the rear cross member, so that happens from time to time. 



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My first 510 still has the mild steel 1.75 inc exhaust I had put on. its still fine.  since the 1990s.

My 521 has aluminized pipe which I would use. and still looks GREAT. Aluminized pipe is Great on a budget and last a good amount of time. More than the vehicle now as most 510s get smashed now before they wear out


Your overly worrying about NOTHING

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