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Shanks Pony.. U320 Addiction...

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You, good sir, have made many here on Ratsun VERY happy! I have been dying to see one of these done up! On the wheels, member 'Rusty' put some big wheels on his NL320 and it looks amazing. Tons of frame/suspension work (Done by Beebani)to get it all to fit, but you seem to be prepared for that based on your last truck.


Rusty's 320




This will be one bad and rare as hell Datsun! Thanks for joining. I doubt you could find a more interested audience than Ratsun!

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I know of one other one of these that has a electric forklift engine in it? haha.. but lately i have seen a few nl320's coming up on ebay. so they are still out there, people just dont really

know what they are. yeh i wasnt sure about the wheels either, but thats what i originally was going to do so i decided to stick with it n see how it turns out... i just need to think of an engine

thats not ridiculas, but can move it with the larger wheels.. i can get my hands on a 12a for next to nothing, so we will see.. cheers for the feedback


Hi there Zeke, the engine you have is bad? Do you have the datsun 520-21 series trucks over there? They have a J block that is basicly the same as the E1, but have more sizes, J13, 15, 16, 18, the later two are hard to find in the US. Also the J15 block was put in forklifts over here, so parts are easier to come by. Do you aussies have the B210 car over there? They have an A14-15 block that parts are everywhere here, and upgrades are rare but findable. All the blocks I just refered to will fit your vehicle with out hacking up your firewall or core support, the J13-15 will probably bolt in using your column shift, the A block(if you have them over there) will fit, but some fabracating will have to be done for the engine and A block transmission mounts, also the oil filter is really tight because of the idler arm, but more modern idler arms are smaller and allow you to keep the filter on the block, otherwise you will have to go with a remote oil filter with the stock idler arm. I just remembered that you are right hand drive, more than likely you will have to run a remote oil filter. :( But with right hand drive, carb upgrades are possible without having to deal with the steering column and master brake cylinder for both the J and A blocks. I like these vehicles, I think this one is the only one in this counrty, i could be wrong. We never have seen this vehicle on ratsun that I know of, but I am a newbie, as some of these ratsuners have been around since late january of 2007. Are you also bagging this one? If so, you likely will have the only one in the world. :thumbup: wayno



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