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B210 Seat Replacements


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Both my seats in my B210 are shot. The springs ain't got no cushion and they never had lumbar support. Has anyone had any luck finding a straight across, bolt on replacement ? If not, has anyone replaced their seats and have pictures of what they had to jump through to get those seats in? If nothing else I may, when I have more money have my seats rebuilt with proper support. However, if I can get a different type, that would be awesome too.

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I'm looking into replacing the seats on my 78 B210 coupe. The drivers side floor reminds me of my Z, it has a big "catalytic converter hump" on the side of the transmission tunnel. Which hinders fitment of other seats.

Will definitely be reusing the stock rails. But I need to find a lower sitting seat. And something that will actually keep me in place while driving.

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I put thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats in mine. They had variable lumbar support.

Tons of seats will fit as long as you keep the B210 stock seat rails.

NOTE: 1977-1978 B210 floors are not flat on the passenger side.




Wow that looks tooo! easy. :D

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Where did you have to drill? The cross member that is in the drawings, or in the seat itself?


these seats are super easy to install. drill three holes per side, two on the rear floor board, and one hole about one inch away from the hole closet to the tunnel. on both seats, the front hole closest to the door panels will be your reference point and use the hole already there from the factory. doing it this way will put the seat dead center in line with the steering wheel. the other side installs the same.


you will sit about an inch and half lower than the factory seat.


if you opt to get these seats, i will shoot pics for you.

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Eclipse/Talon seats mounted in my 81 Datsun 210.


Not recommended for anybody over 6' tall. I'm 6' and I have just enough clearance. The rear of the seat is mounted 1.5" or so from the floorboard, but can't really be mounted lower due to the odd shape of the floor.


The 210 seat rails are not flat to each other, so I had to weld some little brackets to the stock floor rails to even up the stock Eclipse/ talon seats. I'll get some pics of the mounts

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Decided I would put this here, since I don't feel like starting a build threadtongue.gif


Reused the B210 seat rails per ggzilla. Note: these seats came with nice flat rails, bolt holes 16in on center (wide), out of a '78 Porsche 924. I practiced on the passenger side, driver's side will go in next, ended up with more leg room in the front too.



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very cool. it must be nice to have an early b210 without the wacky floor. my one piece of advice to you is to start a build thread :P



Yeah I should, just being lazy, I take the pics, I just don't feel like putting it together.



The flat floor is one of the few early B210 advantages, except it meant when I found nice reupholstered late B210 seats I turned them down because I didn't want to screw with them dry.gif


Under the seat was like opening a freaking tomb, that flat area just collects stuff. Found an old buck knife I lost like 10 years ago, and one of my deerskin shooting gloves I lost about 7 years ago. Now I'm wondering what I will find when I pull the driver's side unsure.gif

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I had to replace part part of floor so i just cut part of the floor out and reshaped the rear part of the floor where a passengers feet go. Then I made brakets for the seats with 1.5 in square tubing. I used talon/elipse seats they are comfortable and work well. think I have some pictures on cardomain.

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Well i can say what the size of the bolt head is... 14mm but the pitch looks like a fine thread. I am putting 200sx seats in my b210 after i fix my rusty floor boards. To see if and how they fit i had to remove them yesterday. It was a PAIN :w00t: because of 55 cents was wedged in the pasenger side rail.

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