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lots of 520 motor related ?'s


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I have a perfect body 520 I scored and I need to figure something out for a drivetrain. I want to go the easiest/and cheapest route.

I have been looking for a jseries with NO LUCK If you have one let me know. Has anyone done an L series swap? that seems like the cheapest way out because I have an awesome one in my garage.... But I hear the engine mounts and transmission mount and driveline have to all be fabricated. Will an Aseries bolt in? That would be a cheap way to go if so. If I have to mod all the mounts and driveline shouldnt I just wait a while and save and drop a small block in? I kind of want to keep it nissan though so maybe a KA? Has anyone KA swapped there 520? But again I want to do this cheap and easy. so if you have an idea let me know.

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And hows that going, havn't heard about it for a while. Did you get your lenses? wayno


Progress is slow I just bought a new house, we just moved in on the weekend. Now that I "Got Garage"I should be able to get some work done. I did get some lenses from ebay but the were from a 521 not 520 Any one need nos 521 lenses.

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The 520 is 5" shorter between firewall & radiator support frame. I am in the process of doing a L20B swap in a 66 520 at the moment.


Check out my build thread for the problems when installing a L20B in a 520. Also my solutions for the problems as I have addressed them. :D

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